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Biography / October 2011:

In the summer of love 2009, “The Fantastic People” saw the light of dawn, six old friends, six headstrong characters, six instruments (yeah, the vocals is surely an instrument with this band) found a new path in life after a “once in a life time jam”. Strongly influenced by the summer and the atmosphere/mood within the band an intense time of song-writing commenced and at the same time the decision to move on, away from former bands and strange record deals. It was time to start fresh, this time on their own, with their own record label. As soon as early autumn the goal for the band had been set and the recording of the debut album, “Fantastic Music for Fantastic People”, had begun.

In March 2010 the band signed a contract with the Swedish music publisher “Misty Music” (Union Carbide, Fireside, José Gonzales, Dollhouse etc) who has been an important strategic partner in getting the record out on digital distribution (iTunes, Spotify etc) as well as look into opportunities for the future.

In June 2010 “Fantastic Music” organized a big release party for the debut album "Fantastic Music for Fantastic People". Then the band had a lot of gigs, eg Close To Home Festival (Borås), Live at Heart (Örebro), and a successful trip to Latvia to play at Riga City Festival and at the club Depo.

Prior to the album release the promoter “Hemifrån” was hired to send out 200 copies of carefully selected promotional CDs to relevant media (mostly Scandinavia). Besides some great reviews, this led to some radio airplay outside Sweden.

2011 - The creative year!
Throughout the whole 2011 hours of very hard work has been going on behind closed doors. The band's creativity and songwriting has been taken to new levels.

In June 2011 the band entered the charts at Spotifylistan with the song "Home and Safe". At the same time an interview with vocalist Klas Bohlin was published. Klas took the opportunity to talk more about the upcoming album.
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In July 2011 “The Fantastic People” were invited to the Swedish Radio P4  / Radio 7, where the band performed two completely newly written songs in a stripped-down acoustic soft format.

Finally back in the studio!

Right now (Oct / Nov 2011) the band has spent hours of hard work in the studio recording album nr2. Behind the controls this time is the producer Mathias Lodmalm who understand the band's vintage sound. More info TBA!